🎁Perpetual Quest

Perpetual campaigns are at the heart of rep3. They weave member interactions across disparate touchpoints into a rich tapestry that evolves with time. Using perpetual campaigns, you can:

  1. Ingest data from a whole host of platforms,

  2. process it as per customized strategies and logic,

  3. to reward members programmatically using ERC721 tokens, ERC20 tokens and ERC1155 tokens.

Perpetual campaigns are powerful enough to serve all engagement and growth needs of large communities while being nimble enough to get new communities off the ground.

From a technical perspective, a perpetual campaign is essentially multiple never-ending quests stacked on top of each other.

While quests let you set criteria and validate whether members fulfil the criteria or not, perpetual campaigns let you define tiers (with their our criteria), and automatically move members between these tiers based on what criteria they fulfil at a given moment.

Reach out to us for beta access and private demos. 👇

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