๐ŸŒณHow to set up Community Space

Community Space

rep3 community space is the hub for your community members to engage with quests and campaigns.

Community space hosts

  • All quests and quest collections

  • Leaderboard

  • Important links

  • About section of your community

How to setup

Step 1: Sign in to https://admin.rep3.gg

Step 2: Fill basic details

Step 3: Click on โ€œCommunity Spaceโ€ in the navigation

Step 4: Configure your community space

Configure details like

  • short description

  • long description

  • logo

  • banner

  • social links

For advanced customization features like fonts, background colours and custom templates. Contact us on telegram โ†’ https://t.me/someshc8i

How to get started with rep3:

Getting started with rep3 is super simple. Head over to admin.rep3.gg to set up your community space and quests with the Telegram task. Using the admin platform you can create all the quests yourself with just a few clicks. Check out our guides for more details.

Always happy to chat, reach out to us at https://t.me/someshc8i or set up a call via https://calendly.com/rep3

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