🧑‍🏫Community Building

Tell the world about what you do and why it is important.

At some point in your community's life, spreading awareness becomes the top priority.

In fact, one of biggest bottlenecks of any community is the number of people who are committed to the cause and work effortlessly towards shared objectives.

Rep3 helps you attract the right people to your community, letting you spend more time on engaging new members instead of filtering or qualifying them.

Rep3 helps you:So you can:

Qualify prospective members through quests

Attract the right people to your community

Track progress of new members

Convert new member enthusiasm into meaningful contributions

Get insights into effective promotional activities

Optimize your user acquisition efforts

3 steps to attracting your tribe:

  1. Create quests to qualify prospective members.

  2. Engage existing members with perpetual campaigns.

  3. Rep3 ensures members always have something to look forward to or do.

There's nothing worse than a bad community recruit. Attract the right kind of people that contribute positively and stick around for the long run!

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