📈Discord Engagement

Don't let the chatter stop.

Most crypto-natives love Discord, or they at least are comfortable using the tool.

However, the average community member struggles to deal with Discord overwhelm, and has trouble separating signal from noise. Rep3 adds a structure to otherwise noisy Discord communities and promotes a sense of productive harmony.

Rep3 helps you:So you can:

Structure your server

Reduce information overload

Host events & track participation

Increase member interaction

Real-time role changes reflect on membership badges

Boost member engagement

3 steps to a healthier community:

  1. Create dedicated spaces for member interests and goals.

  2. Add the Rep3 bot to track event participation.

  3. The bot disburse rewards instantaneously to encourage repeat participation.

Manage events and activities with aplomb. Stop worrying about admin duties and enjoy the show!

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