🏨Onchain Polling

Onchain is the new irl. Make sure your members exercise their rights!

The biggest advantage of crypto communities is the ability to make democratic decisions trustlessly.

Rep3's integration and automations with tools such as Snapshot minimize the context-switching members do when jumping from discussion to voting.

Rep3 helps you:So you can:

Minimize context-switching for members

Target inactive voters

Get a detailed overview of voting participation

Achieve better community decisions

Implement fair and robust decision-making

Implement context-based voting multipliers

3 steps to better decision-making:

  1. Describe the proposal, discussion, and voting mechanisms within your community.

  2. Define the criteria for governance multipliers.

  3. Automatically reward members on voting and increase onchain voting turnout.

Inclusive decision-making leads to better outcomes in the long-run. Give everyone a say in how your community runs!

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