Protocol specs

Protocol specifications and capabilities
rep3 protocol is deployed on Polygon Mainnet and Polygon Mumbai.
We are on track for our zkSync Launch 🚀

ERC721 Reward

Contracts ->

1. Badge: The badge is the our ERC721 implementation for NFT-based rewards
2. Badge Factory: BadgeFactory deploys Beacon proxy contracts with Badge as the implementation contract
3. Router: The Router is the forwarder contract that forwards requests to proxies (via ERC2771).
6. Upgradable Beacon: For more information, see the Beacon proxy API here.
7. Token: The rep3 token contract has the following additional storage variables along with ERC721 implementation in Solmate's ERC721:
  • tier (uint8): The 8 bits of this variable store the tier of the badge
  • data (uint256): The 256 bits of this variable can store any custom value depending upon the use case for seamless consumption in protocols

Capabilities ->

Admin level settings
  • MAX_TOKENS_PER_ADDRESS -> Max tokens allowed per address, default 1
  • Transferability -> If tokens can be transferred by a user, default false
  • Burnability -> If tokens can be burned by a user, default false
  • Approvability -> If users can set approvals for tokens, default false. Set it to true if you want to allow users to sell their NFTs on marketplaces like Opensea etc
Mint options
  • Direct mint which gives rep3 bot the minter rights
  • ECDSA vouchers
  • Merkle Root
Admins can set roles as per their need having robust Access and Permissions. We use Solmate's RolesAuthority for authentication.

Metadata ->

The protocol uses Arweave to store the metadata associated with tokens

Addresses ->

Polygon Mainnet
Polygon Mumbai
private beta. coming soon
private beta. coming soon
private beta. coming soon
private beta. coming soon
private beta. coming soon
private beta. coming soon