🖇️Open URL tasks

In this article, we’ll explore rep3 task of opening up and exploring a particular URL

Why this integration matters:

Key Benefits of the Integration:

  1. Incentivizing users for reading an article

  2. Incentivizing users to check a new release/feature

  3. Incentivizing users to open your dapp

Feature Overview

rep3 platform enables incentivizing users to open and explore a URL

  • Open URL

Rewards can be XP points, NFTs, SBTs, Tokens or evolving badges.

Open URL

A simple task of opening and exploring a URL, it can be an article, your website, docs and dapp. As soon as the user opens up the URL, rep3 marks them eligible for the reward.

How to get started with rep3:

Getting started with rep3 is super simple. Head over to admin.rep3.gg to set up your community space and quests with the Telegram task. Using the admin platform you can create all the quests yourself with just a few clicks. Check out our guides for more details.

Always happy to chat, reach out to us at https://t.me/someshc8i or set up a call via https://calendly.com/rep3

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