🚪Access Control

Manage workspaces and communication channels with zero overhead.

Notion, Discord, Figma, Airtable, Telegram, Snapshot, Forum, Clarity, Google Workspace, Charmverse -- these are just a few of the tools that communities use.

In small teams, managing access to these tools and their respective content isn't an issue. However, as communities grow, role-based access control becomes increasingly important.

With Rep3, you can simplify all your token-gating and RBAC needs and free up members to contribute in more effective ways.

Rep3 helps you:So you can:

Token gate web3 apps based on badges

Simplify onboarding and offboarding

Easily modify member permissions

Increase community productivity

Manage non-web3 apps via Discord

Reduce tool bloat for new members

3 steps for simplified access control:

  1. Distribute membership badges to your community members.

  2. Token gate dapps and apps with membership badges (or other Rep3 badges).

  3. Easily edit badge level and server role to change permissions.

Sometimes, you just can't avoid using a large number of tools. Fortunately, now you can manage it all with Rep3's role-based access control!

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